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An old bloke travelling on an Enfield called Claire

A smiling old bloke called build

A smiling build

Walkabout; “a short period of wandering bush life engaged in by an Australian Aborigine as an occasional interruption of regular work” (Merriam-Webster, Inc. 1908).

rideabout; “a short period of wandering rides engaged in by Australian Bikers as an occasional interruption of regular work” (build Motosykleta, 2013).

G’day Cobber, I’m a white haired old bloke who lives on a Royal Enfield motorcycle called Claire and I’ll give a heypnee if you can tell my nationality. Some folk say I’m not the full quid and they are probably spot on. I have a shed in Melbourne, Australia but it’s not my home as I’ve recently found I feel more at home on Claire or in my tent as I meet more folk in a day than I’d meet in a month in my shed, I assume that is why I need to travel. That may change tomorrow.

Goodbye Windy Wellington

Tuesday 24th of December 2014

I woke about 06:30 and thought “good, an early start”, then at 08:00 the alarm woke me, damn I’d slept in. By the time I’d straightened up, had a coffee and tablets it was 09:00, 09:45 after getting the bike from the carpark a few blocks away. When I’d packed and taken a shower it was 10:30 and I was locked out of my room, thanks to a 10:00 checkout, not a good start to the day. That took 30 mins to fix so I started packing the bike after 11:00 and I was ready to roll shortly after 12:00 but the very strong and gusty wind had me looking to delay departure in a vain hope the wind would abate. It was close to 13:00 when I reluctantly rode off into the very gusty wind and rain. While not as bad as the Tasmanian gusts they were very scary. I found this time that a bit of speed is better. Continue reading

Sunshine makes me smile

Wednesday 18th December 2014

I’ve been smiling since I boarded the plane to NZ but this morning my smile was a little wider as the sun was shining after 3 days of rain. Hoorah!

But everything was wet from overnight showers and needed to be hung in the sun to dry. While that happened I started sorting and packing the Claire. Just after luunch I was ready to roll which was good timing as clouds had moved in and began spitting. I set off for the short ride to Warren and Lex’s place at Rangiora. Continue reading

Kia Ora Claire

Monday 16th December 2014

Got up early to walk the 9k to Peter Fletcher Transport to pick up Claire, I need the exercise but thanks to a lift from a total stranger who by chance worked just across the road from the depot I arrived early, just after 08:00 to discover some paperwork had not been lodged on time and I had to wait a few days, bugger. Continue reading